We run school trips all year round, all designed to train our visitors in the following essential skills: 

  • Shelter building - we're out in all conditions, so our shelters have to be good enough to cook under and sleep under (and we do).
  • Fire building - matchless fire lighting using traditional and modern methods - always a favourite and hugely rewarding (for more than just tea and marshmallows).
  • Camp fire cooking - wilderness training doesn't mean 'roughing it' when you eat as well as we do.
  • Team building and group challenges - developing teamwork, self confidence and problem solving abilities underpins everything we do at the Bushcamp.
  • Stealth Games - taking hide-and-seek and forty-forty to the next level, we teach some great games to take away and play with friends and family.
  • Make your own survival kit- these great souvenirs of the Bushcamp ensure you'll leave with more than just new skills and great memories.
  • Archery - have a go with a selection of different types of bow, for some traditional woodland archery.
  • Water procurement and purification - arguably the most important of survival skills, you'll learn how to quench your thirst, without turning a tap.
  • Navigation and wilderness map making  - you'll learn how to make it back to civilisation in one piece, even if your GPS doesn't.

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