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Family Wood-carving afternoons at Big Hat Bushcamp.
As our last session sold out we've scheduled two more;
Father's Day (20th June), 1400-1900
1st August, 1400-1900
We'll be carving an assortment of tools, decorations, and toys, and rounding off the day with a campfire meal.
Cost is £30 per head (dinner included), -10% multi-child discount.
Father's Day gift certificates are available for either date, or for our monthly Family Bushcraft Weekends.
We know no better way to spend a summer Sunday.

COVID-19 Update

Big Hat Bushcamp is OPEN!

We are very please to announce that all of our courses have resumed.
There are still a few vacancies for the May/ June Half-term KIDS' CLUB.
Large school groups have resumed, and large family groups above 30 in number can resume from 21st June (don't worry - our Family Bushcraft Weekends for small family groups have already started).

Bushcraft - the original social distancing activity.

Now taking bookings for 2021 Family Bushcraft Weekends

2021 Dates

26-27 June
31 July - 1 August
28-29 August
25-26 September
30-31 October

See our Family Weekends page for more information.


Live like a bush-person, eat like a King

Check out our latest campfire cooking videos on YouTube, or click on the Videos tab above.

Wild Child Outdoor

Check out this great new website for outdoor-families and kids: We're metioned, so they clearly know their stuff.

Check out our new series of campfire cooking videos

Great ideas for the next camping trip, most of which can be practised in the kitchen.

Check out the cheese and bacon bread.


#‎mumworkawards‬ ‪#‎Winner‬ of the Most Inspiring Business Parent 2015 as sponsored by Amanda's Action Club is Ian Brember - Big Hat Bushcamp ‪#‎well done‬

mum and working

Bushcraft Book Release

And once you've done the bushcraft weekend, get the book. Written by Big Hat's chief instructor...  The real Ian's hat is bigger, but the quiff is bang on.